Hello, my name is Kailee and I hope you are enjoying / will enjoy my blog, Beyond Hazel!

                I am currently a Junior at Chapman University, pursuing a degree in sociology and psychology. You can primarily find me on Instagram @kaileebiller, Facebook @beyondhazel, Snapchat via username kaileebiller, or Twitter @kaileebiller.

                Ever since I can remember, I have loved writing whether it be creating fictional novels in elementary school, writing for my hometown newspaper, or publishing my own self-help novel titled Your Jar of Wisdom. Furthermore, I love anything from descriptive stories to sharing authentic life events, emotions and thoughts. What better way to do both of these things I enjoy than starting a blog to share with you all?! On the Literature page, you will find my photos accompanied by fictional short stories and poems, along with posts about my latest introspections, life events, or feelings about a particular cause.

                In addition to my adoration of writing, I have picked up some other hobbies along the way which I wanted to share as well! I have recently become obsessed with photography and you can check out some of my favorite photos in the Gallery! Furthermore, I absolutely love finding affordable yet fashion-forward outfits ranging from going out clothes to comfy, lazy day attire and anything in between as well as going and traveling to new places and creating new experiences. To see some of my said outfits, finds, and expeditions you can check out the Lifestyle page.

Some more interesting things about me include:

Music is my life (find me on Spotify!)
I have a younger sister named Mariah who is my absolute best friend
I live my life according to the Meyers-Briggs personality test (16personalities.com)
I am a second degree black belt in a mixture of Taekwondo, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai
My favorite TV shows include Quantico Grey’s Anatomy and of course One Tree Hill
My favorite foods are peanut butter, avocados, and Pressed Freeze
I’ve always wanted to be in a flash mob

This blog is an outlet for me to share some of my most cherished hobbies and thoughts with a larger audience and I hope you enjoy! If you want to get in contact with me you can email me at kailee@kaileebillerbeck.com.