Erect I was yet straight I wasn’t,
Confident I seemed yet that I did not feel,
Different I was yet me they failed to see.

Side by side yet together they weren’t,
United by hate yet otherwise broken,
Aggressive were they yet through cowards play.

To the sky I reached yet blind by clouds,
It answered back yet I swayed with great angst,
For I wanted much more yet from blows was sore.

Blessed they were yet barely surviving,
Full of life they seemed yet many empty,
Glances they shot yet me they had to boycott.

Scared as I was,
Standing alone,
I knew they would not throw me a bone.

Tall as I stood,
Strong as seemed,
I knew my fate they couldn’t have deemed.

Desperate I was,
To be set free,
I knew I had to be one with me.

Myself I found,
Through deep searching,
My future then came clearly lurching.

Okay I am,
Standing alone,
For different we are then greatness prone.

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