Amazebowls 1/18/17

                A couple days ago, I went to Amazebowls to get the ever-so infamous acai bowl served in a coconut. The one I went to was in L.A., and absolutely exceeded my expectations. Acai bowls are an enjoyable way to eat healthy but in a trendy manner of course! The bowl is served in a frozen coconut and topped with edible flowers, blueberries, granola, bananas, strawberries, and coconut shavings. Furthermore, there are dried oranges that not only add a pop of color to the bowl, but also ignite your taste buds.

                We decided to make a day out of it since L.A. is a bit of a drive from Chapman. In addition to Amazebowls, we also adventured down Melrose capturing photos in front of intriguing buildings, the wings, and random alley ways. Additionally, we made sure to stop in at Alfred coffee shop where I got a delicious chai tea latte. It was unlike most chai teas, as it seemed to have more spice rather than an overwhelming sweet flavor. I definitely recommend! Headed home, we got stuck in traffic for about three hours but it was entertaining thanks to some good throwback songs.




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