Your Jar of Wisdom

Learning How to Fill Your Jar

Book Cover: Your Jar of Wisdom

Have you ever been stuck in a certain situation or state of mind that you couldn't get out of? Have you ever wanted to learn how to live to your full potential? Are you a girl who is trying to- not make it through life- but make a life worth living? This book will teach you how to train your mind and body to create a blissful life you enjoy living. Dive in and create your own jar of wisdom. Learn to be the best you.

Reviews:Joelie on Amazon wrote:

5 star advice from one teen to another. This book is highly recommended for parents and teens alike.

Chris on Amazon wrote:

This book is filled to the brim with helpful hints and useful insights for young people of all backgrounds. Not only does Ms. Billerbeck provide helpful tips for stressful situations, she also provides useful ideas to improve your everyday life. Everything from getting better grades to "what to do when...." Situations, to dealing with friends and loved ones. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a young woman in there life.