Choose You

Though content and loved,
straight to my core,
I cannot help but to want more.

I can’t sit in this place,
where everyone’s just okay,
because I know that we, can be better than today.

But society is married, to the detrimental notion,
that self-love is indeed selfish potion.
Though if you aren’t okay, within your own skin,
you can’t truly approach others with a genuine, adoring grin.

I’m stubborn and indecisive,
and at times a tad derisive.
I bottle things up and let them roast inside,
and I may not ask for help because of temperamental pride.
Sometimes I can be passive,
though my wounds contrarily massive.

I’ve spoken words of contempt,
I’ve fallen submissive to the tempt.
I’ve skipped too many classes,
I’ve conformed to the masses.
I’ve caused others pain,
I’ve danced with Devil’s vain.
I’ve criticized myself,
I’ve put my future on a shelf.
But these things persist and grow,
when we aren’t in introspective know.

I know facets where I falter,
and each day I strive to alter;
for these are never an excuse,
but rather self-improvement’s muse.

You must take care of you,
though hard work through and through;
for you cannot bite off,
more than you can chew.

They say it may be selfish,
when you decide to put you first;
but who else is there beside you,
whilst they drive you in the hearse?
How’d you make them feel,
when you were at your worst?
Could it have been different if you’d simply loved you first?

I’ve come to discover that perfection is a myth,
and weaknesses are something we are always living with.
But we must work within this realization,
if we want to achieve self-actualization.

Because trying to avoid them,
is like crying in the rain;
not knowing who you are,
you board their one-way train.

Never feel the guilt,
rather stand up and be proud;
because the secret has been spilt,
self-love is allowed!

Accept you with great veracity,
and then give to others in full capacity.
You are your only permanent comrade,
so don’t let this be a fad.

First love and value you.
Become an individual that’s true.
Because relationships must not be one,
but a bound together two.
So before you aid the others, I ask you to choose you.

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