Chris: Cabo San Lucas

                One night after a long day with the kids, I decided to treat myself and drive to town. Might I first begin by saying that driving in Mexico was one of the craziest things I’ve ever done. There are genuinely no rules, you just kind of do you and hope for the best!
                I got to town, found a parking spot, and began walking. Not having really thought through what my plan was when I arrived, I found my feet taking over as my mind began absorbing conversations that swarmed around my head. English, Spanish, groups of women on vacation for a bachelorette party, local families out for dinner, recent graduates celebrating their accomplishments, locals observing drunk Americans, and so on and so forth. I felt everyone’s relaxed energies seeping into my skin and melting my tense muscles. People would try to usher me into their restaurants or convince me that their boat tour was better than any other one I’d find in Cabo. I learned to joke around with them or start speaking Spanish and then scurry away while they were momentarily taken off guard.
                Dodging sales pitches was a talent that became second nature. I loved making a game of it. But I walked past one salesman in particular, and he didn’t try to lure me on a boat. Instead, he simply asked why I was alone. The man’s question didn’t register until I was a few steps past him. I stopped, taken aback, and turned to look his direction. His tone of voice told me that he wasn’t trying to grab my attention with explicit intention. Rather, there was a tinge of genuine curiosity and a small side of concern that lingered in the air. All of a sudden, my mind and feet reconnected and I found myself walking towards him.
                Chris grew up in New York before moving to Mexico City for a few years. He then went with his family to Puerto Vallarta before deciding to permanently reside in Cabo San Lucas by himself. The more we talked, the more I learned about his personal life and family dynamics. Chris was extremely close with his grandma, recalling that the most important thing she ever told him was that she regrets everything she didn’t do. Chris uses this insight as a primary motivator in his life. He makes it a point to always say yes when he senses something may push him outside of his comfort zone. We smell challenges and seldom let ourselves truly dive in. We are fearful as a species letting it inhibiting our chances of reaching our potentials as opposed to embracing the fear and charging forward.
                Chris had the option to move back to the states but chose to stay in Cabo, taking tourists on boat rides simply because he loves cheering people up. He thoroughly enjoys his job because of all the people he encounters. Whether a family on vacation or old couple celebrating an anniversary, Chris explained that the energies are all the same in San Lucas- alive and peaceful.
                Furthermore, Chris explained to me that, “If you have negative energy that’s what you’re going to pool. It’s all about energy!” This was one of the most powerful takeaways I had in Mexico.

                What you put out into the world, is what you get in return.
                What you allow, is what they will give.
                What standards you set, are what the world around you rises to.

                We have the beautiful power of deciding what we will allow in our lives by emitting an energy that reflects the standards we ascribe ourselves. So what energies do you want to pool? Step out your comfort zone. Set standards. Have the courage to do things that make you uncomfortable. Pool the right kind of energy that is going to encourage you to rise up to the bar you have set for yourself.
                Like Chris said, “Life is invaluable. You only have this one. Once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. You have to be who you are and constantly push yourself. It will look different for everyone- there’s no right or wrong way. All we can do is try to be an improved version of who we were yesterday.”

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