Making Meaning Amidst Monotony

                Some believe life has inherent meaning. Some do not. Some are unsure of what it is exactly they believe. Either way, it is still up to us to ascribe meaning to our every day lives. But the struggle comes in the solution, what amalgamates to make meaning for you?

                It is funny how easy it is to get caught up in the pettiness of our structured society. In fact, it is so easy that we are able to forgo thought and contemplation about our purpose or meaning. I don’t just mean this in an individualized manner but additionally – what is and is there even an inherent objective for our species as a whole? I would love to think that there is some higher power governing evolution and ultimately paving way for human existence, cushioning our species with an instilled purpose… But I don’t.

                I believe that the human race is just another small stretch on the evolutionary track of life, a race that will continue to evolve just as it did prior to our existence. Yet, that being said, I also believe we have a consciousness which is scientifically complex and unique to us. So, in light of said consciousness, I believe we are faced with the difficult task of fulfilling a void that is desolate due to the fact that human need surpasses basal survival demands. We have the pressure of being capable of more than the mere survival instincts, which characterize other species. But this pressure can also be viewed as an opportunity to impart essence and significance.

                Our day-to-day lives are clothed in monotony. This can be demonstrated via mandatory obligations such as school, work, cleaning, grocery shopping, eating, getting gas and so on and so forth. But in which ways do you capitalize on these humdrum activities to give meaning to each day? It is so important to be aware of your actions and to take note of what is and is not benefiting you.

                Furthermore, since I believe there are no ascribed implications in life, I assert that it is our individual duty to make life something worth waking up every morning for. For if we do not, we are simply taking for granted the opportunity we have to be ourselves in lieu of being another body conformed and molded to society. Venture inside yourself and define what it means to be you. What do you enjoy? What fuels you? What makes you feel like you are important? And how do you want to express that? Make each day count. Make each repetitive task in your day mean something. Do things that ignite you. Spend a little extra time in the present moment and just appreciate it because in reality, our breath could be silenced at any given moment…

Every goal you set – gone.

Every friend or relative you have – gone.

Every talent or hobby you possess – gone.

Every societal law confining or defining you – gone.

Every wall you build – gone.

Everything you say you’ll do tomorrow or the next day or the next week, month, or year – gone.

               It is so important to do things that you’re passionate about because you’re the only one who can make you happy. So whether it be a change of major, job, sport, friends, eating destinations, tasks that fill the idle gaps in your day, or simply taking up a new hobby, make sure you are doing things that benefit you. There is no point in living a life that doesn’t fulfill you in some sort of way.

                My opinions are my opinions just as you are free to concoct your own. But no matter the divergence in our views, there lies an essential void, which must be understood and filled in order to live your version of a successful life. Don’t fall victim to monotony. Switch things up and live in suit of your interests in passions.

                Life can be understood through the silent whispers of a barren glass vase – for what’s the point of possessing it if you deprive it of it’s most clearly coveted content?

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