Finding Purpose in a Sea of Bodies

                It began as a jog. Soon after, she began gaining speed at quite an alarming rate. Running, sprinting, plummeting to the earth. As the ground grew nearer she glanced up, seeing her army of followers. Her time was coming. She struggled to hang on for dear life, grasping at any imperfection which she silently hoped would halt her for even just a second, intimately hugging her close to its comforting exterior against gravity’s pull.

                Seeing an upheaval in the near distance, she tried to crawl in its direction. It was drawing nearer. Time was not on her side. The body jerked backwards and, with no time to adjust to her new plight, she slid off her surrogate’s skin and crashed onto the mat. Glancing up right before impact, she saw an influx of followers painfully accepting their fate.

                Her eyes blinked open, for she had taken on new form as the others all hit the ground, pooling together in an unwarranted manner. Death was not yet upon her and for that she momentarily rejoiced. Yet her excitement was soon whisked away as the surrogate once again adopted a new position. She was perplexed. Gazing around from her fallen position, she noted that it looked as if someone were holding a remote and pressing play, pause, play, pause and so on and so forth. The group of bodies flowed so beautifully yet in an organically broken continuum.

                The surrogate was breathing heavier than normal. The legs were swaying from side to side, threatening to collapse at any moment. Deep valleys dug themselves across her former home while the surrogate adopted a new paused position with a strenuous, furrowed brow.

                It greatly puzzled her as she watched the sea of bodies, for it seemed as if they wanted nothing but to seize the simultaneous movements yet they continued on. But as the lights dimmed and the figures began to work their way back to the mat, she started to understand. They looked so serene and as if every tumultuous thought had seeped through their pores, now surrounding her on the rectangular mat. She then realized that her presence, however seemingly small, had purpose in her surrogate’s life. In understanding her purpose, it became evident to her who exactly she was.

                The small bead of sweat gleamed blissfully up at the CorePower hot yoga sculpter.

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