Take A Walk in Her Shoes


Take a walk in her shoes
For it isn’t what we choose
Life is but a chance
We all are all made up of blues.

Life may not have meaning
Or so it’s slowly seeming
So take a walk in her shoes
The inside’s not always gleaming.

We all have a past
Some scars seem to last
So take a walk in her shoes
Her fire could be fading fast.

Some things come back to haunt
People dare to taunt
So take a walk in her shoes
For her battles she may not flaunt.

Some struggle with their title
To prove it wrong they deem as vital
So take a walk in her shoes
Show her that it’s detrital.

Some have relations of abuse
Bruises seen, unseen and simultaneously obtuse
So take a walk in her shoes
Lead her on the journey to discovering inner truce.

As a species we are one
Though it’s not spoken quite a ton
So take a walk in her shoes
And help her see the sun.

We all fight inner battles
Whether bitches, sluts, or tattles
So take a walk in her shoes
For we are neighbors and not chattels.

Understand a little deeper
Care for your fellow weeper
If you’re walking in her shoes,
You know blues could be yet steeper.

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  1. This is so beautiful, I feel that coming from the heart is makes you look outside the box.
    You have a great talent so follow your dreams.

  2. I enjoyed that I really do think you could help my son. I’m trying to expand his horizons. I want him to experience passion. He has the heart just needs something to pull it together.

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