Trouble, Turmoil, Triumph


It’s in my eyes.
It’s in me.
I am hurt beyond, what you can see.

Shouting out.
But I’m silenced.
Your actions were, so unlicensed.

All but broken.
Shattered pieces.
Look upon, my many creases.

I’m alright.
I’m still breathing.
Afflictions can, be so deceiving.

Cry the tears.
Feel the pain.
Don’t submit, to disdain.

Ego bruised.
Anxieties waken.
But I’m okay, a little shaken.

Think it through.
Talk it out.
So you can, still stay on route.

Unfair and hard.
Resilient and kind.
Without love for all, you’re completely blind.

Lessons learned.
Good friends noted.
Life can’t, be sugar coated.

Positive thoughts.
Changes brew.
Adapting to, a better you.

Stand back up.
Both feet rooted.
For your life you are, completely suited.

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