You Feel Lonely

                Have you ever sat there for a second, stepped outside of yourself, glanced at your life, and just felt extremely lonely? At one point or another, I believe we all experience this feeling of solitude. Sometimes being by yourself can be productive but other times it just feels empty, frustrating, confusing, and uncomfortable. Many times, this feeling of loneliness comes from lack of depth. Whether this is a lack of depth with yourself, others, or your environment, each can make you feel like you’re starring in a one man show with no audience.

                I feel like there’s a huge stigma around feeling lonely. We commonly associate this with depression, anxiety, and weakness. Yet, this is something literally ALL of us face at some point! So stop being weird and accept that you feel secluded! But how do we break out of this feeling and get ourselves back in the game?

Whatever this looks like for you, release the tension of feeling lonely. Some examples of outlets to free yourself from the captive grasp of your own emotive state include working out, writing, drawing, music, or anything that lets you relieve yourself of the affect.

Whether with yourself, a friend, an animal, a stranger, nature, etc., connect to something or someone around you. Be reminded that you’re a part of something outside of your person.

What kind of environments are you putting yourself in? Who are the people in your life? Are you involved? Are you connecting with people beyond just the surface? What is your purpose? Are you staying true to who you are? Ask questions that force you to consider whether or not you’re making decisions that actively exclude you from the world, and make you feel like you’re merely blowing in the wind instead of walking with two feet grounded to the side walk.

Devise a plan. How are you going to connect a little more with yourself, the people around you, and your environment? Write down three things you’re going to do. This could be getting to know a friend a little better, deciding if the people in your life are ones you can truly connect with, joining a club, cutting back on your hours at work, or maybe allotting a little time in the day to hang out with yourself so you can get to know you a little better.

                It’s totally normal to feel lonely, especially because we are all trying to figure out where we belong and who exactly we are. This being said, we need to make sure we are taking active steps to maintain genuine, productive connection with ourselves, people, and environs.

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