You Feel Overwhelmed with Your Life

                Have you ever been so overwhelmed by life that you literally can’t function properly? You keep trying to get yourself back on track, yet the harder you try and do right the further left you turn. Life gets complicated and it’s so easy to get lost in the chaos of the ocean without ever coming up for air.
                Now, you may not feel this extreme sense of overwhelm, but maybe you just feel like bad things keep happening and you can’t quite fit all the pieces together.

How do you know if you’re overwhelmed?
You have a change in eating, sleeping, or social patterns.
You can’t focus and feel forgetful.
You feel like you’re stuck on an emotional roller coaster.

Why do we get ourselves in these positions?
When we pull back from our social circles, we stop being invited as often.
When we pull back from work, we don’t have money to fund anything else and end up stressed.
When we pull back from day to day tasks like laundry and cleaning, we feel disorganized.
When we pull back from extracurriculars, we don’t have enjoyable outlets.
When we pull back from ourselves, we lose touch with everything else.

How do you reflect on your commitments?
Ask yourself:
                Do I enjoy it?
                Do I feel good when I walk away?
                Do other people influence my decision to keep with it?
                Is it serving a purpose?
                Is it taking up more time in my life than it’s worth?
                Is it improving my mental, emotional, physical, or social health?
                Why did I start doing this?
                Why am I still doing it?

Well, how do I fix it?
Separate your life into ten categories:
                Physical Environment
                Mental Wellness
                Immediate Family/Close Friends
                Pure Joy and Hobbies
                Personal Growth
Rate yourself in each of these areas.
Write down each commitment you have (ie: hobbies, school, work, clubs, friends, family, events, extracurriculars).
Categorize your involvements into the ten areas of your life.
Reflect and make an action plan:
                What are you doing/not doing to help or hinder your ratings?
                Do you need to cut something out?
                Do you need to make more time for something?
                Do you need to replace something and replace it with a more productive
Focus on one category at a time so you don’t inundate yourself.

                Feeling overwhelmed is natural. There’s so much to keep in check and meanwhile we have an amalgam of distractions. This being said, we must learn to prioritize, say no, and find balance. With these tools, it becomes clear if we need to cut out a habit, finding new ones, or replace them, showing us where we can improve and where we are excelling.

                You’re the only one who is able to change your reality and perception. You can’t change everything at once, but in order to change something you must start with one thing. If you’re overwhelmed it’s up to you to dive into your life, figure out what needs to be improved upon, and swim in a more positive direction.

To hear more about feeling overwhelmed in your life, listen to my podcast below:

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