Hello, my name is Kailee and I hope you are enjoying / will enjoy my blog, Beyond Hazel!

                I am currently a Senior at Chapman University, pursuing a degree in psychology. You can primarily find me on Instagram @kaileebiller, Facebook @beyondhazel, Snapchat via username kaileebiller, or Pinterest @kaileebiller.

                Ever since I can remember, I have loved writing whether it be creating fictional novels in elementary school, writing for my hometown newspaper, or publishing my own self-help novel titled Your Jar of Wisdom. Furthermore, I love anything from descriptive stories to sharing authentic life events and experiences, emotions and thoughts. What better way to do both of these things I enjoy than starting a blog to share with you all?! My goal here is to share with you my perception of the world around me and how I live my life day to day, in hopes of helping and inspiring those around me. Hence the name Beyond Hazel, seeing the world beyond my hazel eyes.

                After years of living a life I could not say I was truly happy to be living, I decided to really reflect and make some changes. I believe we are all free agents in our own lives and must remember that we only have ourselves to blame for our current states, so why not make it a positive one? Each and every one of us is a product of our decisions and inner dialogue and I do my best to reflect how I go about every day, choosing to live a life I enjoy and am proud of. Does this mean every day is perfect? No. Does this mean I am always happy? Absolutely not. Does this mean I don’t make mistakes? Most definitely not. But, it does mean that I have taken the time to get to know myself and I make the best effort I can to live a life that constitutes my definition of success.

                I believe that one must first feed and nurture their brain and being in order to properly see people and places beyond themself.   This being said, in the Brain section you will find poems, short stories, and random thoughts I have to help both you and me. In the Being section you will find my favorite media outlets such as books and tunes, health routines, and more insight about my style whether it be outfits or accessories. Once we can take care of our inner self, we grant ourselves the opportunity to truly open our eyes and see the beauty around us, both in everyday situations and extravagant travels. That being said, in the Beyond section you will find more about people I have met in various places, “aha” moments I have in quick outings, and in-depth guides to the places I travel!

                In addition to my blog, I also mentor teenage girls. If this is something you or someone you know may be interested in, you can read more here. I am available to meet in person in Southern California or via Skype or FaceTime if you are not located in that vicinity!

Some more interesting things about me include:
Music is my life (find me on Spotify!)
I have a younger sister named Mariah who is my absolute best friend
I live my life according to the Meyers-Briggs personality test (16personalities.com)
I am a second degree black belt with training in Taekwondo, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai
My favorite TV shows include Quantico, Grey’s Anatomy, and Hawaii Five-O
My favorite foods are peanut butter, avocados, and all fruits
I’ve always wanted to be in a flash mob

I always love just hearing from people so whether you need advice, want to share how a post impacted you, or just simply want to say hi, please email me at kailee@kaileebillerbeck.com or go to the Contact Me page.