La Paz: The Drive

                I got the incredible opportunity to go to a beautiful beach in La Paz called Balandra. The water was crystal clear and the surroundings were simply unbelievable! That being said, I truly believe I saw more on the drive.

                As we drove three hours to our beautiful destination, I couldn’t help but to notice the tiny towns and communities along the way. There was dirt piled on roof tops, clothes with holes in them hanging out to dry, no sign of transportation, and no sign of any stores or other services to at least act as oil to these incomplete engines. It really made me stop and realize that we are all products of what we are or are not exposed to in life. There is no way to reach for things you don’t know to exist. 

                This being said, I think it is so important for those of us who have the privilege of being able to broaden our horizons whether going to school, moving cities, or simply keeping in touch with the rest of the world through news and other media outlets, to not take it for granted. Furthermore, I think it becomes really easy to judge people who end up subscribing to negative groupthink be it in gangs, cults, cartels, etc. but sometimes people truly feel as though they have no other option because they haven’t been taught other means of dealing with the hand they were dealt.

                If you’re reading this post, you most likely have a phone with internet. With internet comes an inherent opportunity to connect and stay informed. But what if you grew up in a town in the middle of nowhere without transportation, internet, a phone, or other similar amenities? Wrong turns are much more evident when you’re standing there looking at a map. But when you’re driving blind, streets become blurred, north becomes south, one wrong turn becomes hours of aimless meandering, and then you simply look for the easiest way out. The communities we grow up in truly shape us as individuals. How are you letting your environment shape you? 

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