When I was in high school, I started a mentoring business called l.a.f.s. which stands for learning about friends, family, future, and school. I was able to help pass on life lessons I had learned to teenage girls in a group setting. Now, I wish to make the mentoring more personal by work g with girls one on one. I believe having someone to talk to or get advice from, who is within a like age range, is vital to a young girl’s mental health.

                My goal with this mentoring is to meet regularly and allow each girl a safe space to share personal thoughts and opinions with the option of getting advice from my ever-growing bank of wisdom. I believe it to be most beneficial to have these meetings regularly without a time limit, so there are several different options. This is not a typical, regimented program but rather an important friendship I seek to create with each individual girl. For more information and pricing, please submit your email below!